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The next day was a day off.
No need to go anywhere.
Outside, rain and snow, slush, as is not rare in the winter in Moscow.

After a quick breakfast, we go to bed with the mother-in-law.
“Just do not touch the ass, but it is poor, after yesterday’s fire burns,” – asks.
Fuck is wonderful.
At some point we fall asleep.
Suddenly, a shout is heard above his head: “What kind of fuck is this? I didn’t have time to cross the threshold, but they were already sung.
You, old slut, were instructed to watch your son-in-law, and you fuck with him? “.
On the threshold of the room was my little wife and our wings how much light.
There was no point in saying anything.
The mother-in-law was horrified, trembled, covered her face with her hands, her crying was heard.
– What now to cry? – this is a wife.
– Dear, forgive me, I do not understand how it happened – this is my mother-in-law.
– With you, dog, the conversation will be special, then.
While the march to the kitchen – this is again his wife.
Naked, just covering the house with my hands, I go to the kitchen.
It’s good that there is still some liquor left: you can take it, calm down.
The hubbub and verbal skirmish continued in the room.
Then the voices subsided, even a laugh.
I hear they call me.
Returning to the room.
The wife is sitting, already undressed, looking sternly, but some kind of cheerful spark flashed in her eyes.
“Come on, show me, dear, how you fought my mother prostitute.”
Cancer, I suppose? – Daughter, what are you doing! -Come on, come on, I want to look at your bang.

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– Honey, you really are not very much.
Yes, it was the case now.
But this is too much.
-Do you want a scandal? If not, start.
What is not worth it? And you mummy in a mouth take, at once will rise, I really know.
Have not tried

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? And you try, very nice.
Mother-in-law clumsily took my dick in her mouth.
Not knowing what to do next.
Remembered, you see, porn.
She began to move her head.
Member came to life, began to gain strength.
– You see – it turned out – now with cancer.
I had to start the process.
Despite the absurdity of the situation, the mother-in-law suddenly entered into a rage, began podmahivat.
I looked, my wife’s eyes widened, she began to rub her breasts.
Suddenly trousers unbutton his hand in panties.
Makes characteristic movements.
Shrinks off her blouse, removes her bra, pants and lies next to us, head to the mother-in-law face.
Stretches to the lips of the mother, begins to kiss her.
One hand strokes her saggy breasts.
I never thought that my wife was bi.
Mother-in-law starts to cum.
She broke away from her wife, grabbed a pillow in her teeth so that no screams could be heard.
Finished, having irrigated my hips with juices.
I break away from the mother-in-law, literally tearing my pants up to my wife, inserting her.
It did not take long to fuck.
In the native hole is always nice.
Finished with his wife at the same time.
Fell off from each other, we lay down, thrilled with pleasure.
In the middle I, on the sides of the mother and daughter.
The first spoke wife-Well, and now what shall we do? Mom, how to share us a man? “Dear, I don’t pretend, I can leave tomorrow.”
-Girls, do not bother.
Three days later I have my daughter, so it will all end by itself.
In the meantime, let’s get high and not think about the future.
With these words, I began to caress the body of my little wife.
Mother-in-law sat in Turkish so that her pussy looked at us with an open “eye.”
My wife began to knead and stroke my cock, but she did not wait for a response.
Making sure that, despite all the efforts, my friend hangs dead weight, she pulled her mother to her. Bongacams me. Bongacams wildtequilla.

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