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But the image of hot Finnish guys casts boredom.
However, if you look at the next seat, then the domestic representatives of a strong half of humanity, too, are not so hot.
From a neighbor on the plane, carries the fume, apparently can not be tied up with New Year’s booze, bristles on the cheeks.

And not at all erotic.
three days, or rather even at least seven days.
It is dressed sloppy, in a sports pereposobozhennuyu jacket and gray faded jeans.
The plane barely took off, and he was already sleeping.
No, you can admire the beauty of the winter landscape from a bird’s eye view or the massive air wool of the clouds, sleeping without hind legs.
Oh, also began to snore.
Here it is! No, in this life of harmony! Do not have time

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to rejoice in his incredible luck, as here you are, from heaven to earth, fume and snoring in close proximity to your beautiful ears.
Nothing, I can deal with such troubles.
We need something pure, bright and sublime, to listen – Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, for example.
Peaceful music poured from the headphones, and I went about my usual business – I began to dream.
In them, in my dreams, I was in a sexy short skirt made of red leather and danced something, twirling my hips in the heat of the moment.

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The man in my dreams.
He was blond with blue eyes, suspiciously similar to Facundo Aran.
can better brunette, with dark eyes and a smile.
I want to immediately reset the panties.
Measure in the middle of the hall where I dance, amazed at my beauty and grace.
Looks straight in the eyes.
And I, too, look.
Comes closer and.
grab my chest.
Screamed and woke up.
– What are you doing, completely sbrenili ?! Of course, it was not Facundo Aran who grabbed me by the chest, nor the dark-haired owner of a breathtaking smile, but a sleepy neighbor with seven-day stubble and fumes from his mouth.
He screamed too.
Frightened poor wake up.
– What are you screaming like a pig, sick or something ?! What you scream, what scream, and the palm never removed.
– You grabbed my chest! Passengers from the front seats begin to look around. Livejasmin credits free. He pulled his hand away, as if it had been burned.
– Oh, I’m sorry.
I fell asleep, but in general there is nothing to put my tits everywhere.
Well this is necessary, the audacity of some knows no bounds! Out of indignation, she opened her mouth and shut her eyes.
And the neighbor, not paying me absolutely attention, gets comfortable in the chair, intending to sleep again.
Well, okay, we, too, are not sewn up.
And we also know how to cheat.
My hand lay on his groin.
Wow, what’s there all rather big! Wow, how there – wow! The neighbor twitched, with his whole body and not only with his body.
He looked at me in surprise.
Lips all over your mouth.
– Oh, sorry, I thought it was a chair handle! Livejasmin credits hack apk.

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