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“Jungle” is a great place for cheap whores like Svetka and me.
Admission is free, a lot of guys, the music is great.
Of course he is in the semi-basement room and is smoked through, but along the walls there are sofas and large aquariums with fish.

A kind of tavern for whores pretending to be elitist.
A man of seventy was packed into it in the evening, and there were only two toilets – two cramped cubicles in the corner, the locks were broken a long time ago, the doors held onto an “honest word” and incredible dirt.
Therefore, they used only such shy fools like me, and even probably those who had to take the dose in

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The rest went out into the fresh air to the yard and wrote on the back of the building.
I already understood that today I would be embarrassed, I drank more than usual.
After two glasses of beer and acquaintance with quite decent, even for a sober look, guys, Sveta and I went to pee.
“You won’t go to the toilet anymore” – Sveta dragged me into the street.
The guys crowded on one corner of the building, and the girls retreated through an arch to the bushes in the courtyard.

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We approached a small flock of pissing girls, I involuntarily looked around, two ordinary five-story buildings stood nearby, lights were shining in the windows, in some places on the balconies there were silhouettes of smoking people.
Meters in a hundred from us were a couple going to the bar, and even a little farther we drove cars.
Pissing girls were perfectly visible, despite the twilight, but these drunk bitches did not hesitate a bit, they calmly talked, smoked, pulled up their skirts, took off their panties and wrote as if they were at home.
I was shocked.
While I was looking around, Sveta lowered her panties and peed next to me.
“Stop staring, take off your clothes.”
I exhaled as before jumping into the water and lifted the mini-skirt.
He who is shy with strangers will understand, and who is not, will not explain my feelings.
I was shaking like on the first date, my legs did not obey me, my fingers were tangled in panties, and as a result, my trickle flowed right on my foot.
And yet I did it! When I, blushing and staggering, came up to the bar, Sveta whispered in my ear, and here was the guy especially for you, he was staring at how you write, you see a pervert.
I shuddered and looked up: at the railing, with a glass in his hand, a thin, handsome guy was standing, very diligently making an indifferent face, he threw glances toward the pissing girls.
The impudent Sveta approached him directly: “Hi! I am Sveta, is it Natasha, have you seen us? ”The innocent question was ambiguous, I was completely embarrassed, boy too.
“Yes,” he finally squeezed out of himself. “You are very beautiful. Many orgasms webcam girl. Crazy webcam orgasm.

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