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He agreed and pulled his penis out of his pants.
I sat down on his knees in front of him and began to masturbate him, he helped me a little with his hand and after a couple of minutes he had finished with a long stream, sperm splashing fell on my hair and right hand.
We laughed at it, then I dried myself and wiped his dick.

At that moment, we heard the floor creak in the hall – it was Pasha’s mother who came to us, “- Paschenka, I brought you some tea.”
We quickly fastened our trousers and sat down, pretending to read books.
Mom put the tea on the table and left.
“I almost got caught,” I said.
“- Okay, go home, continue tomorrow, good night.”
So ended the day on which we lost our virginity.

The closer Dembel, the more uniform and longer the days become.
For those who fell to serve in a remote subdivision, on the “point”, deprived of even scanty soldiers’ leisure in the form of a club, a library and simple human intercourse, these days become unbearable many times.
On one of these days, or rather evenings, in a cozy forest house, lost among cedars and pines, consisting of a class and a rest room, two army “grandfathers” whiled away the time watching TV.
The house, by army standards, was indeed cozy, although it did not have any excesses: the rest room was furnished with two beds in two tiers against one wall, on which the “grandfathers” slept; folding table and nightstand with a TV, the other.
There was also a self-made carved hanger.
But all the comfort came from the logs from which the house was built – a real, log house. Livejasmin account hack. Madeleneray livejasmin.

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