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I also did not stay away.
All the girls were mine, only Olya said that I would fuck her only after all.
I did not mind, but demanded that the “Iron Mask” immediately began to suck me, and then lay down under me.

She waited until one of the guests had finished in her ass and slowly approached me.
I was trembling with excitement, knowing that my mother-in-law was in front of me! She slowly began to suck on my dick, who had previously been in the pussy of one of the invited girls.
She was worried too, but sucked well.
Once again, I was excited, put her with cancer at the wall of the Swedish wall and drove my dick into her fucked cunt.

I fought her with all my might, not thinking about her pleasure.
It lasted a very long time – I could not finish.
Finally, I packed up and with a cry of “Finishing!” Splashed into her.
She was already weak on her feet, but she was supported by a passing black man.
He gently laid her on the mats and attached himself to her ass.
She sighed and just as the daughter whispered, “Yes! Yes!”.
Toward morning, they brought Olya in her arms — she could no longer walk.
I also could not have anything – I was sucked to the last drop of sperm.
We lay down on the mats in a chain.
Olya sucked Louis’s cock, I remembered that she was enjoying herself after fucking and began to gently and gently lick her pussy and ass.

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She no longer had the strength to go into the shower to wash away, so she was filled with her own and other people’s juices.
But I was not disgusted – because I loved her.
And she, my Olya, purred under my tongue like a cat.
And my dick at my request sucked my mother-in-law – “Iron Mask”.
When the wedding night came to an end, I stopped the guests who were about to leave.
“I have not made a gift to the bride yet,” I declared and brought a briefcase-diplomat from the locker room, terribly fashionable at that time.
People began to frown in disappointment.
I opened the diplomat.
In it, in cells covered with velvet, lay imitations of male members of different sizes – from relatively small to gigantic.
They were made of ebony and were an exact copy of these male members, even with the testicles.
We hadn’t heard about electronic members yet, but my friend Kostya, a student of the Minsk Theater and Art Institute was a very talented sculptor, and fulfilling my order for him was a couple of trifles.
Time took away only hardness of ebonite.
In the hall, a delighted whisper rang out, and Chanterelle rushed to the diplomat to test it immediately.
I politely but resolutely stopped her – it all belongs to Ole.
If I cannot satisfy it myself in all holes at the same time, then I will do it with the help of imitators.
Olya was happy with the gift.
She answered me with a gift in her own way.
She brought out all the participants of the first wedding night, built them in a row and said that she gives them to me.
They belong to me and I can fuck them

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the way I want and when I want.
All agreed, only the “Iron Mask” was silent.
After that, we rented an apartment where we lived until graduation, and then left together for distribution to Russia.
There we managed to make a good career, they took me to Moscow, where I worked in the Ministry. Desi sex videos online free. Online movies for sex.

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