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Once a hot day Bathsheba bathed in the pool in the courtyard of his house.
She looked forward to the return of her husband from the war.
Her expecting nudity was as excited as a dream.

And Judah, the King of Judah, was walking on the roof of his palace.
The palace was high and from its roof one could see the courtyards of the surrounding houses.
So he noticed Bathsheba bathing downstairs and admiring her beauty.
David was so fascinated by the beauty of Bathsheba that he ordered her to be taken to the palace, where he settled among 100 of his wives.
As a result of their relationship, Bathsheba became pregnant.
David did not want to return it to her husband and ordered the army commander to put Uriah in place of “the strongest battle, and retreat from him so that he would be killed.”
And so it happened, and Beer-sheba had no choice but to become another of the wives of King David.
To David she became a faithful and loving wife and a good mother to her children.
Among all the wives, Bathsheba occupied the highest position and persuaded King David to appoint their son Solomon as king.
Suddenly, this story Kohl very upset.
He slammed the album.

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– How could she! All of them are traitors – sorry, I’m not talking about you, Maria Vasilyevna, you are not like that.
And David is also good, spying on a naked woman, and then he captured her and killed her husband.
– Turned his face to the wall and closed his eyes.

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KOLYA, DIARY Yesterday I heard the cook Gavrilovna and father talk about Maria Vasilyevna.
The father said: “Such a woman as Maria Vasilyevna will always become the soul of society, regardless of what she does.”
She will equally successfully sing in the theater, teach children or heal the sick.
Gavrilovna just sighed: – You should get married, Viktor Ivanovich.
Without the mistress the house is an orphan and a son grows like a weed in a field.
So father likes her? Maybe he wants to marry my governess? Marry our SERVICE! I do not know of such cases.
Although, there was an example in Russian history when one count or prince married his serf actress.
They say the actress refused her master.
He kicked it to start.
So he said: “lie down on the bench.”
She lifted the hem and lay down.
Cowards serfs, probably not worn, she lay with a bare ass.
And the master began her flog, What? With rods, probably, and maybe with a belt, on bare ass.
She screamed, and then gave up, lay down under the master and he fucked her all night.
After that, the actress agreed to marry him.
Interestingly, and Maria Vasilievna as papahen will persuade? He will not kneel before her, his character is too proud.
It only remains to force her belt.
Maybe he will say like that gentleman: “lie down on the sofa”! And she will be frightened, will fall down and lift the hem.
Women are all cowardly, they lend themselves easily.
Interestingly, she will remove the panties or dad pulls them off.
And I see that papachins’ hands are lower and lower in their thighs, and she covers her hands with her hands and asks: “don’t, don’t, I don’t want to marry you.”
Not!!! If this happens, I will not give Maria Vassilyevna a grudge, I’m wondering with her, she told so many new things.
And about the pictures and about the merchants-patrons.
And now every week we go with her to the museums of our city.
First of all, of course, to the art gallery.
And dad gave money and we buy albums of various artists and sculptors.
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