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You put an enema with an intestinal tube? “” No.
“” So this will be a new experience.
It is much thicker than anything that was inserted into your anus before.

I’m also going to use a Higginson pump.
Do you know what it is? “” No.
“” This will be another new experience.
So we put enemas to children in England.
This allows the nurse to better manage enema.
After all, control of the procedure is very important.
Do you agree? “” Yes.
“” You will have to fulfill all my instructions.
Your ass is completely at my disposal while you are here.
Is that clear to you? “” Yes.
“” I do not know how in America, but here in England we don’t go on about the children when performing procedures.
Am I explaining clearly? “” Yes.
” “Good.
Next question.
Do you know what bull bile is? “” No.
“The nurse smiled.
“I didn’t think you knew.

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I do not think that this is generally known in America.
This is the most effective way to clean the intestines.
“She smiled again and removed her finger.
My dear Emilia, can you imagine my concern? Bull bile.
What it is? I was sure of only one thing: I didn’t like it at all.
I was sure that the Nurse was smiling behind my back while I lay waiting, hearing only her breathing and the rattling of the tools that she was preparing to invade my ass, which, as she put it, was now at her disposal.
I heard her hanging an Esmarkh mug on the stand, I heard her turning the tubes in her hands.
Then she took the large intestinal tube and, in front of me, began slowly and gently lubricate it with petroleum jelly.
Her fingers moved up and down the entire length of the tube, which was soon to be completely in me.

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The sight of this, plus the feeling of slippery grease in my rectum, caused strange sensations in me.
She saw me staring at the phone and our eyes met.
On her lips slipped a smile, different from the previous one.
It was a smile of cruelty.
She expressed some.
plan? I remembered that smile later, in the light of what followed.
“Now I will enter the phone.
I’m going to enter it into your colon at full length, through the sigmoid colon, higher down the intestine, into the transverse colon.
Thus, I will be able to give you a high enema.
Have you ever been given a high enema? “” No.
“” I thought so, no.
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