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Julia choked, but continued to suck and swallow until it was all over.
Frankly: it was all.
But such an animal fucking – never.

And this Julia called “make love”? I lay down on the sofa.
The girl tiredly pressed against my chest, hugging her shoulders.
-If you say you did not like it, I will choke you.
– she whispered.
And I could not say anything at all.
Emotions overwhelmed me.
Only stronger pressed the girl to him.
I woke up during the day.
No one was around.
I got dressed, sat in a chair, waiting for at least someone.
A few minutes later the door opened.
Julia entered.
Insanely beautiful and immaculately dressed.
-Hi dear.
-Hello, Yule.
What time is it? I slept at work! – You said yesterday that you have been canceled for today.
Well, yes, exactly.
The head with hangover thinks hard.
Julia came up to me and clung to my lips.
Gorgeous woman – she kissed like a goddess.
– Come, introduce you to my mother.
-What seems to me that this is unnecessary.
– I dragged, but went after the girl to the kitchen.
And there I was waiting for a real surprise.
Laid table, salads in plates, a bottle of “Zubrovki”.
-I’m hotter now.
Sit down son-in-law.
– A woman of about fifty at the stove just threw her appraising glance at me.
Zatyok ??? I looked inquiringly at Julia, who only with a smile on her face, raised a finger to her lips.
So much for a good start.
I dragged the girl into the corridor.
– Explain how to understand this? “My own fault,” the girl smiled.
– If I hadn’t stuck in the wrong place, Mom wouldn’t hear anything.
And now I had to say that you are my fiance.
“Now what? – I tried to figure out.
-Take it easy.
– Julia kissed me on the lips.
– Then I’ll think of something.
Let’s go to.
The dinner was delicious.
If only it were not questioning the “mother-in-law” about my past and present.
In the end, the woman went into the room, and Julia immediately dropped to her knees, climbed into my pants, pulled out a member and began to suck violently.

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What can we say, because of this rage and piquancy of the situation, I discharged Yulia instantly in my mouth.
-Do you feel good with me? Pancake! Let me catch my breath! I said nothing, recovering my breath, then I removed the fallen member into the trousers.
The girl was still sitting at my feet, with her head on my lap.
What is going on? Julia sat down on her knees.
-Rom, what if we met in other circumstances, could there be something between us? Weird question.
-You know, sleep – is it not already “something”? The girl looked at me and I went crazy with her gray look.
-I mean serious in a relationship.
And permanent.
I thought.
A girl is just a dream.
The acquaintance, indeed, you cannot throw out of the head.
-Of course, Yul.
You are the best.
But now.
How do you imagine it? Julia stroked my knee, looking down.
And I felt so sorry for her that my heart sank.
Why? But what if? What actually happened? I myself am not without sin.
So many women for all the time.
Such frank orgies did not suit, but it was different.
I gently lifted her face.
Tears rolled in pink cheeks.
“Well, here’s your dick,” said Little Red Riding Hood, and I was going to my grandmother! It broke me completely.
-Sun, what are you doing ?.
Listen, do not you want to go with me to Moscow? Julia’s eyes widened, her mouth opened silently.
She couldn’t squeeze anything out of herself.
I ran my finger over her lips: -That’s just something needs to be changed.
First of all: you swear that not a single peasant, except me, of course, will ever allow yourself to yourself.
Secondly, no one who saw you

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should ever see you again.
They should not even know about your existence! Thirdly.
I did not have time to agree.
Julia passionately dug into my lips, even slightly biting them: -Yes, my good! Anything you say !.
The next day, Julia left the hotel.
I, at the time of the trip, moved to her.
A week after returning to Moscow, I returned to Vitebsk alone and took Yulka with me.
After another 8 months, we had a baby.
I don’t even know from which of us there are six, but exactly the consequence of that trip.
Well, okay.
A wonderful girl – a photocopy of mom! Now my wife is again in the sixth month and this is exactly my sperm tried.
In my work, Yulka was still recognized and I even had to fill my face a couple of times, when they began to talk, my wife was a whore, who was fucked by a crowd in all the cracks and offered to repeat the process.
Now it is just my slits.
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