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Both swallowed hard.
On the “Rioja”, so called our ship, women, of course, was not, and our voyage dragged on.
And then a whole detachment of young girls, one more beautiful than the other.

So what if they are pale and with long ears? This only added to the exotic nature of their appearance.
It turned out that Padre Sebastian managed to step on the thorn of some local plant.

The end of the thorn protruded from the boot of the priest.
After inspecting the leg, Ieliot rose and shouted to someone from the squad.
She came in a blue dress.
She looked like Heliot, but not with such a prominent musculature.
Her dress at the bottom ended with the similarity of two aprons, which covered the body in front and behind, her thighs were completely naked.
The girl was called Aisolian.
It was noticeable that there was a special relationship between Heliot and Aisolian.
They exchanged a few phrases, while Heliot ran her fingertips over the shoulder of a “friend.”
Aisolian sat down to padre.
She took a thorn out of a priest’s foot in one motion, pulled off his shoe.

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The approached girl soldier brought a container with some kind of liquid and poured it on Aisolian’s substituted hands.
Sebastian’s leg was bandaged with some kind of tape, most likely of plant origin.
Ieliot watched from the outside.
When Aisolian finished, she distributed some more orders and the people in the squad started fussing.
It became clear that they were going to set up camp.
Everything was done very quickly.
From somewhere there were long sticks, which were fixed by vines.
The huge leaves of some tree were piled on top of the wooden structures.
A total of 7 such buildings were built.
They were elongated, triangular in shape.
We were placed in one of them, having placed two “female warriors” in front of the entrance.
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