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, in short, a nightmare, I would never have thought that this would happen to me.
But the story is not about that, but about Sasha, my first and dearest Sasha.
He, of course, is a reptile who has burned himself and now does not want to love, and he does not love me, and I am his, but between us there is such a thin, but strong, so fragile and burning bitter, bitter relationship between the souls of two unfortunate souls loneliness that cannot fall in love, which are not dear to anyone, who suffer! He calls me when he is heavy and sad, and I charge him with a positive! I should stop communicating with him (who, having read my first story about him, will understand), but I cannot and do not want to.

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He grabbed my thighs and jumped on me like a dog on a bitch.
A minute later he finished, I allowed him to finish in me, and then – threw out of the bath and ordered me to forget everything and get out before my daughter came.
My next question to Katerina, as you might guess, concerned how far she allowed herself to go in relationships with men.

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“” Ooo, my pussy! Do you love her? “- Lena asked and lifted her legs on the waiting list.
“I love her, Lenusik!” – the excited and contented husband was yelling and jerking around.
He looked at each other with loving eyes.

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I was just going crazy, looking at her tiny slim figure, pretty face.
And it didn’t matter that she was seven years older than me.
I just liked it, and that’s it: It was also difficult that she didn’t look in the direction of the men, as if there weren’t any people around the male.

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