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The proximity of the object under study, the abundance of vegetation on the body and light clothing – all this was good soil for cultivating erotic fantasies.
On the man was a light shirt with short sleeves and trousers a tone darker.
It was not yet possible to examine the face – one would have to constantly throw one’s head back, which is not very convenient and strange.

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Although everything was written off everywhere, exchanged, supplemented, it was an iron argument for calculating the culprits “to zero.”
All this laid out accompanying me “bilge” by the name of Luke.
Clicking on the floor I needed for myself and me, he dumped so much information on me and asked such a bunch of questions that when the elevator door closed behind me, I exhaled with relief.

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I squeezed my breasts – usually I gently massage, but now is not the case – I began to call her a slut, a whore, but it only aroused her, which is what I wanted.
She took off her shorts and I started roughly hammering her pussy.
She screamed – it is clear that the buzz from such a hard fuck she did not exist.

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I AND MY childhood friend Boris are sitting at the station reading newspapers looking for an apartment or a room, two guys Sasha and Andrei came to us and asked for money, we had to meet them on the metro and nobody came, they know the

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They also said that this company is renting a 3-room apartment for 6 people to its employees and that people are urgently required because of the dismissal of the whole brigade.
THAT was just what you need.

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