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Dana, too, seems to be gradually getting used to me: she no longer shunned my arms and casual touches, fell asleep several times in my arms, though I still had to leave her because I knew perfectly well that I couldn’t keep myself close with her: I constantly had to control my hands, which, driven by my insane desire, burned, and strove to touch the girl’s seductive body, each of her smooth bending.
During our intimate conversations, I did not take my eyes off her sweet lips; his eyes are increasingly gliding along her amazingly folded figure, lingering on a beautiful, small chest, covered with tops or shirts.
Everything changed in the evening before our return to civilization.

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I suddenly unexpectedly declared to both of them.
Faya, what is the inscription under your dress? Both stopped feeling each other.
Fanzilya suddenly burst into laughter and leaned on her neighbor’s groin, issued: “So, to show all the dress you need to take off, you don’t see the inscription from above of boobs?” And she herself opened wider cutout for both of us.

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Seeing him dressed in a funny Hawaiian shirt, I was excited again, and I was wetted all the way down.
Approaching the entrance, I tried to draw his attention with my hand, and he immediately saw me lit up as the sun and stood up and walked to the entrance to meet me.
The gallant gentleman gave me a scarlet rose, merged with my dress and led me to the table, sat me down.

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