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The water was warm, the two-day hops came out very slowly and I was lying in the pool, sometimes swimming from side to side.
About myself, then I was 27 years old, tall, of a normal build, not an athlete, but not a wimp, always short-haired.
Somewhere at about 11 o’clock at 12 o’clock I was still lying in the pool, in the far corner a waterfall was built of stones, but the pump did not work, the water did not flow, and the stones were warm and flat.

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Everything was happening in complete silence, in which only passionate moans were heard, but when the count had finished, and the pulsing trickles struck Daniel in the sky, John said: “Daniel, is that you? Daniel did not answer because he intended to remain incognito, but went around the guy from behind and started anal sex.
Surprisingly, his dick entered fairly easily, without causing discomfort in Daniel and without delivering pain to John.
Daniel did not guess that Johnny was not the first contact.

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Zhenka had a slightly more plump ass and less-trained and developed muscles like his brother.
Finally, they undressed and stared at the floor.
In the center of the room were two naked guys, tanned, dark skin visibly brightened around the belt, pubic hair was much larger than Alexei’s, in general they were already almost formed young people.

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