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At that moment, someone entered the room, but I did not see who.
– Well, slut-Valyushka! And now kiss my handsome! You like him, don’t you? “My Mistress has already lowered her skirt and pulled my head up to her organ as it was.
– I can not hear! – Yes Milady! – What “yes? – I like your cock, Mistress! – Well done.

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Gradually, the excitement reached the point where in the brain one thought – to finish, I already forgot that not one in the compartment jerked off a member and looked at Max’s member, who was half a meter away, now did not want to tighten the orgasm, and I began to finish, holding back the groans on his chest.

I woke up from the bright light in my eyes, opening them, I realized that the train was standing and the light from the street lamp was falling into my eyes, looking around, I saw that Max was not in the compartment, I began to ponder where he might be. if parking, taverns are closed, unless, could go on the platform? With this thought, I fell asleep again.

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We were carried away by a rainbow stream of dazzling, hysterical tenderness that completely severed consciousness; my cock stiffened and ached, I wanted to plunge him into Lina, soft as butter, drown him in her, to get a member to her very heart.
and after a moment I spanked eggs on her fluffy folds, forcefully pushing the penis to the end, to the pain of the pubis – and with my hands and mouth I crumpled, kissed, licked, stroked and squeezed wherever I could.
Lina shouted again as if she had been cut into pieces, the air began to gasp again, she dug into my ass with sharp nails, pushing me into myself to the last – and I felt how deep inside Lina, in the liquid fire of her bosom, stiffens, poured, unbearably swells my cock – and explodes, driving sweet discharges into the depths of her body.

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As she nicely pulls the little hole, will control everything, as her slave will tremble, and moan under her, feeling the full power of her pressure.
Possessing another person was fabulously pleasant, and she was already impatient to once again feel these fascinating moments.
Elena chose a strap-on for some time, gladly noting to herself these or other advantages of each.

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Ilya honestly replied that he did not like it at all, it was painful, unpleasant.
– At first it is always like that, you have to get used to it and then you will enjoy what you will not get in any other way.
There are different people, with different erogenous zones, but some especially developed anal zone, if they know how to use it, then they can only envy.

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