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Then I moved away and stood with my back bent down and lifted my skirt.
Ritka pulled off my pants, so they dangled at my knees and several times loudly slapped my ass.
“Well, what about boys?” I asked the men, “are you ready to pay to fuck me in all holes?”

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Her husband, according to the rumors of our active personnel officers, was engaged in some kind of muddy business, the essence of which I never learned.
Everything turned out quite spontaneously and, even to say, quite banal – at the New Year corporate party.
Celebrating the holiday together with the Samara business partners, I noticed how a comrade from a friendly company frankly sought the attention of our “star” (that’s the name of Sasha personnel officer).

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You start to shake, you enter into some kind of an uncertain state of ecstasy, you understand that you have finally achieved something truly worthwhile, the thing for which, in fact, it was worth being born.
You shoot it on video, so that later and again relive those breathtaking primary moments, when other, very decent and respected people caressed your intimate or pretty woman intimately.
The heart then stops, it wants to jump out of the chest, in the head there is a confusion of a million surging, sometimes contradictory emotions.

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