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On the hill itself, the BM undertook to teach me to ride.
I chose equipment, explained how to put my feet and hold sticks, how to turn and brake, pulled me out of a snowdrift many times, picked out the snow from my ski boots over and over again and admired with me if I could.
When we went to get warm, we were already waited by the table and hot wine.

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And there were always some incidents with us: then at his work, when suddenly passion came up, and we indulged in love, in the midst of it, he did not keep me, and I rode all over my office in a chair in lowered shorts; for some reason, it occurred to him to check the extensibility of the condom, he jumped off and clicked him in one place; then he forgot to take off his watch and, in a frenzy of love, I almost knocked out my front tooth; then one day, having decided to please me with a cunnilingus, he suddenly sneezed.
But the last straw in the series of “signs” was a comical situation that was already sad.
My beloved had a long-cherished dream.

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Gently pulling his hands away, she retreated a step, walked with a rating glance at the powerful, tightly-knit figure of the guard, and Fedya noticed how her eyes sparkled.
As if not trusting her eyesight, she touched La Dona with his broad, boldly contoured chest under her shirt, leaned forward, pressed her back, head thrown back and limply opening her neat mouth.
Trying not to frighten away this attitude of hers, he went on about her gentle caresses, marveling at how easily and without a hint of impatience she manages to smooth the desire in him smoothly.

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