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Then she went to the van, took off the stock left of the Rusik, and threw them on the floor.
When I came to the bedroom where I was laid down, I took my board off, took the new panties from the closet, but looking at Sima I didn’t wear them, I just put them on the chair that stood next to the bed.
Lay down next to Simoi, and she slept dead in sleep.

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And what, there are such guys who come in? “, Gena asked.
“Yes, there was one case, I was left after the lessons, I didn’t write the control one badly; when they finally let me go, it was getting dark, I decided to go peeing, go to the toilet to pee, I just had time to screw up my skirt and pull down my pants I didn’t put my butt on the pot, when one lad, big and fat, perhaps 14-15 years old, comes in and starts looking at me with bulging eyes.
I stuck out my tongue, showed it to him, then got up from the pot, turned my back on it, spread my hands apart and asked: “Well, you see well?”.

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