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It seemed that he was pleased with the conversation and this guy does not excite his desire.
The landlord offered to spend the night, pulled out of the closet linen, pillow and blanket.
He watched the young man, as he made the bed, as he leans down, climbs onto the sofa to fill the sheet, as he bends his back, lifting his ass.

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Hi, – she said, stretching her pink lips into a bend, – what are you doing? Sit down, I answered, to show courtesy.
The series watched.
Having repulsed from this topic, I was able to quickly start a conversation with Anya, and she did not oppose communication, which I liked very much, given that there are now many girls who do not want to talk on topics that they are not interested in.

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“Just don’t think about staring at her, this is the wife of the boss,” I gave myself the installation as we entered the house.
– Meet, this is Vitaly, and this, as you probably already guessed, my beloved Vera Ivanovna.
– Hello, my Basil told so much about you, – and she extended her hand to me.

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