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Finally, after a shower and breakfast, Sergey began a briefing: “Today, as you can see, I decided to try advanced forms of exhibitionism, so we have a day of obedience in the air.”
I hope you enjoy it, and you will enjoy, flashing his cunt no less than I do.
You have already done all this, just not in such quantities, so there will be nothing particularly new.

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When he stopped cum, he kissed her sweetly and told her how much he loved her.
Up to this point, she could not even imagine how beautiful their relationship really was, and how much she loved him.
She loved him more than she could ever imagine her love for a man, and she could not believe that she was so happy.

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I break away from my lips and quickly slid over your body, touch your other lips with a tongue between them and forcing you still shuddering from a recent orgasm to wriggle and arch again, enjoying this sensation :.
Waves of warmth and sweet trembling run through you, my tongue pulls like a cherry bone clitoris licking it, pressing it, pressing it with its lips a little back and quietly blowing at it without forgetting to lick your juice: gradually, something more than these waves of pleasure that envelop you like a cocoon.
you quietly howl in anticipation of something bright and so pleasant that one thought again covers you with one more wave and a bright flower flashes in your brain, your body wriggles and shudders so that even I can not keep you releasing claws glaring at my back and shoulders trying to push away but I continue to caress you and after the first flower blooms two more.

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