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While in the stable you will live in three, but soon you will add a few more horses, so it will be fun.
Escape from here, do not even think, as I said at night, you will be firmly tied, and the stable is locked and it is impossible to get out of it.
Believe me, I specifically asked the builders to make the gates very strong, so that they could not be opened from your side, but could only be opened from the outside.

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But suddenly she sharply stiffened, grabbed my hair even more and vomited into my mouth with her discharge.
After that, she suddenly went limp, relaxed, and an unbridled rage leaped up in me, reinforced by the insult that some bitch had forced me into my mouth forcibly and I was not responsible for my actions and sharply knocked her down on the floor. her wet hole.
From surprise, she managed only to scream, and I pecked her hole with all the frenzy that had accumulated in me for the past time.

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