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When the bell rang and an unfamiliar female voice asked “Are you Vika?” In the receiver, I suddenly remembered everything and my heart quickly pounded in my chest with excitement.
Premonition did not let me down6 “My name is Yulia, I gave your number to Alexander.
Do you know this? “I replied in the affirmative and Julia continued:” We are waiting for you at the weekend at her dacha. “After that, she called the address and hung up.

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The story looked and sounded like this: “Dasha, give, eh?” , “Yes! Sha!”.
It is a pity that the current Dasha does not follow the example of the modest and in its own chaste heroine of this unpretentious, but instructive anecdote.
If in my humble story some people recognize themselves now, I will be glad.

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It would be a pleasure, pity, but tomorrow we will fly away – I smiled at him – thanks.
Thank you, goodbye – the wife also quietly, without looking, said goodbye.
Goodbye, recommend me to friends – he waved goodbye and returned to the salon of a friend, and we headed home to the hotel, I was wondering what my wife would tell you about the massage that she had just done before I fucked her in all the treated places.

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