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We worked in the Ministry of Communications system, we were 200 kilometers between us, we never planned to meet, the night shift lasts forever, so while we spent the time hanging for hours on the service channel, telling each other all sorts of stories.

In 20 years, she had a son from her first marriage, a lonely beautiful woman has always been a game for men.

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for it! Fearfully and shyly I enter, as if a schoolgirl, I was met by a strict matron of about fifty by the name of Marivanna with narrow pursed lips, judging by the whole communist hardening, thin and straight like a water pipe.
It was not at all clear how miraculously she found herself in this stronghold of the well-fed bourgeoisie.
“Take off your clothes and lie down,” she orders sharply, glancing at the strange construction standing in the opposite corner of the office.

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