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And now, literally two days before the wedding ceremony, this little scum calls me, ostensibly to clarify something about the wedding.
I ,, fell for it, right away, but to observe decency I say, they say, but I will be busy in an hour.

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Speaking of language: Faith, he dived into the depths of the Rose, then teased her clit, and then again plunged to the maximum depth.
Lev warned that he would finish soon, and Rose offered Vera to swallow it.
Vera did not have to ask twice: having pushed Rosa’s hand away, she plunged the Lion’s cock into her mouth and began to sit down on it up and down.

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Tanya felt someone confidently spread her legs wider, and then, holding the elastic buttocks pulled them to the side.
She heard Peter’s voice, but the rumble of blood in her ears and the noise in her head prevented her from making out the words, and then he took her fingers to her large labia and pulled them toward himself, and then he turned her body out, revealing everything to her the scarlet clitoris and the entrance to the vagina.
She felt like someone’s hands fumbled around her crotch, exploring every fold, and every touch was given in her body with sweet bliss and she began to moan softly.

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