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My wife immediately felt some special trust and sympathy for her, and after several meetings they almost became friends, despite the fact that they called each other to “you.”
Once Nadia showed great interest in my wife’s huge belly, and she, noticeably embarrassed, bared him at the request of Nadina.
Nadia was pricked, pressed her cheek to her stomach, began to stroke him and gently talk with the baby sitting there.

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The feeling of a member in the mouth, its taste, smell, overshadowed all shame.
I was in seventh heaven with excitement, and my head was slightly dizzy, it completely deprived the sensation of any reality, while Olya arrived in time, taking my dick in her mouth, she put me on the ground.
Olesya, in the meantime, gently pushed me away from Sergey and put her ass up to my face.

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