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He laughed gaily, saying that the girl was ripe and started whipping me on the bottom, and Sergey was already fucking my mouth, do not give a second a break, he drove the dick to my throat and dragging my hair out of it.
Come on, come on this bitch, she ends up from this, he shouted to Andrei and he beat me on the ass with redoubled energy, she already blushed as if embarrassed by the orgy she had to, the white fingerprints were printed on her buttocks and he continued to slap me.
I screamed from the buzz, feeling the approach of an orgasm.

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I had short swimming trunks, the smooth tanned body contrasted sharply with the white sheet of the couch.
Viktor Arkadyevich washed his hands, wiped them carefully and came to me.
“Well, let’s start with the general, then let’s move on to your sciatic,” he said, and began smearing my back with butter.

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I often saw legs, they are super, I also saw her breasts, through a T-shirt or when she bent over her breasts are simply chic !! On this day, they drank a lot of beer, all the girls, though super, swimsuits with beautiful legs, but I didn’t think about it, even though I hadn’t finished a month, it was fun! After a while, as always who where, they drink, they bathe, who sleep in the car.
I also went to sleep in the car.
And then Lesha knocked something asked, we talked and laughed.

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