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Apparently the girls decided on the sly from their husbands to save on the repair of the car and buy more rags, they just did not know that Peter and his son took such bonuses for the repairs.
Only a fool might not have noticed what had just happened in the garage.
Both women got into the car and started to leave, Vitalka helped them with the departure, and then I met Peter’s eyes.

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My old life, and I, as a wife, as a daughter, as a sister and friend, meant nothing to me now.
I belonged to the Boss, this wonderful person, my body and soul, and any of his wishes was a gift.
I got up with cancer like a trained animal, putting my boobs and forehead on a cold concrete floor, stretching my arms straight in front of me, completely ready for use – my back was arched to the pain, the thighs were as wide as possible, the anus and vagina were exposed.

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