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“To go crazy, personally preparing my wife for another,” when I turned around, Timur aroused this picture and he was ready, his monster had a large head and had already allocated lubricant ready for intercourse.
He took my place.
He spat on the arm and prepared his “friend for battle” no longer covered with a blanket, took the same position, I saw his large head stretching the vaginal opening, everything was taut, nevertheless he pushed it further, millimeter by millimeter.

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After waiting for Marina to collect the semen flowing out of her fingers with her fingers and greedily suck on them (which gave him an unspeakable pleasure – nobody did this before her), he took her back to the hall where they were greeted with applause.
Marina and Katka (that was the name of her friend) then spent almost a day and a half in that house.
Then in the house of Vadim was everything that could be.

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While she was fiddling with his second hand, his sensitive nose irritated the delicate smell of her wet pussy and soaked wet panties, so he simply could not resist and stuck two fingers into the cut of her shorts between her legs, slightly caressing her slippery soft petals and licked her fingers.
Mariyana breathed more often, closing her eyes and instinctively pushing her legs apart.
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I will fuck your swarm and caress your nipples.
And when my husband starts to moan treacherously, I will drive my fingers into your girlfriend’s parted pussy.
I push them as intensely as you will suck, and when they drown in the lush depths – push them apart, stretching her hole! The faster she will jerk him with milkings, the faster he will lick you, the faster you will put your mouth on my dick, and the sooner I will crawl her cunt! Who do you think will finish first? I want it to be a whore named Xu! You blow up standing nipples, splashing juice cunt and clenched anus! I will drown your moan with a prick, pushing it into the throat.

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