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Well-groomed, beautiful, expensively dressed, she kept herself detached and apart from the rest, moving rhythmically and beautifully to music.
The shoes, definitely very expensive, glittered, reflecting the light of the spotlights.
But the hell with them, shoes – the most interesting began above: my eyes slowly rose upwards, tracing the infinitely long, slender legs, dressed in dark tights.

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The boy didn’t force himself to repeat twice, obediently sat down at first, and then sprawled freely on the bed waiting for him, and apparently in his dreams! My beloved turned her back to him, spreading her legs wider, as if clasping his knees, took hold of his trunk and sank to him with her crotch.
Slippery from her saliva end rested against the anus of my beloved, and she, continuing to hold it with her hand, began to slowly lower herself inserting the head into a tight ass! I even slipped from the chair to the floor to see it and see what was happening! Yes, his fat head is already inside, and in front you can see the invitingly opened lips of her vagina, the boy’s member is slowly sinking in my most beloved ass !!! The boy did not understand at first, but, apparently sensing the tight compression of his member, he raised himself, looking interested at the place where everything was happening.
Having a smoke immediately what is happening, he took his hands on the hips of the girl, and with a groan of indescribable happiness, began to help her sit down on the penis!

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The ass was not given immediately.

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