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Encouraged by such a turn of events, the male part of the participants in the scientific study asked the woman to invite her friends, Nina and Scheherazade Stepanovna, to the bazaar.
The foreman removed a mattress from the cabinet, on which he repeatedly taught newly arrived girls to the construction site the basics of construction.
The mattress was laid on the floor, women participating in the experiment were given vodka to drink so they would not hesitate.

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Now there was a green bottleneck between Timkin’s buttocks.
Fedr continued to stick Mishka, looking at how the point was opened every time, when he entered and how it closed with small pops when the member left the rectum.
The scrotum was already burgundy in color and began to swell.

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Unnoticed, we came to the house, the light in the windows did not burn, which indicated that the aunt was already sleeping, carefully, so as not to wake her up, we went to our room, undressed, and decided to sleep, turning off the light Max asked if I would mind lay down to me, I replied that only for, and he climbed into my bed.
The door to the room was closed, the aunt was asleep on the second floor, and taking precautions, we had sex.
Maxim was very gentle in bed, I wanted it to last forever, he caressed everything, trying to ensure that no part of the body was left without his attention.

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While Lena was sitting on a chair, Tatyana, with horror, saw a large wet stain on her chair on her chair, and immediately realized that she had the same stain on the back of her skirt.
She grabbed a folder from the table and covered her spot on the skirt.
Lena did not succeed in something and she tried several times to rewrite.

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