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Oh, Andryushenka.
For me, there is no greater pleasure than to feel your heated breath in your ear, to feel your tender but persevering flesh in yourself and, in the final, to take in your hot seed.
Why did it happen that I hear your tender voice, but give myself to another man who is completely alien to me? I tried to speak calmly and clearly.

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And she moaned.
I made the radio even louder.

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She elevated herself to frenzy by squeezing them with her fragile hands and enjoyed the moans of the slaves.
It is for certain that after Her maid found a male seed on her bed, not finding the culprit, Cleopatra crushed the eggs of all the approximate slaves in the grip while looking everyone into the eyes and smiling.
History knows many examples when patricians and august women of the female used male testicles to establish power over a man, thereby elevating the Woman and not in vain, psychologists say that after such procedures often used by the Woman, the man not only physically but also subconsciously submits to Her Subsequently, to the full conviction that a Woman is incomparably higher than a man, his mission is to serve Her, that this is how it should be, and in combination with cunniling gives an instant, 100% result! And this is what We need, it must penetrate to the deepest corners of his consciousness that he is only a thing belonging to the Lady and only this way.

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