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By the way, I wanted to ask you, do you have relatives? “I’m in this city not long ago and I don’t have anyone here,” answered Yulia. “Very well,” Olga said, “would you like to stay in our hospital

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for more than a month?” Julia asked – And for what? Olga said – I want you to be in my unit a live toilet, you will have so much urine and feces that you choke, well, how do you agree? Yulia immediately replied – Yes, I agree, only I have one request for you, may I be from time to time in your office under the table to sit so that I would have the opportunity to lick with you? Olga answered – It is not possible but necessary.
And laughed.
The next day, in the morning, women began to come in to Julia and gave her urine to drink.

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From these manipulations, it starts and starts to fidget on him, like a wound up.
The passive role quickly bothers him, he takes the initiative into his own hands and now White on the knees, in front of his eyes the alluring hole of her anus, he sticks one finger, then two, she is not a novelty such games, she sweeps her backside and he boldly sticks in the dark depth of her ass head, and then the whole member.
Black wet kisses him on the lips, sucks on his tongue, then lies down in front of White’s face, spreads his long legs, large lips shine with grease and he jerks his head against his magnificence.

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