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And on the other hand, in spite of everything that happened, I still wanted everything to remain the same.
The next day, Ada came to our home before her mother.
As a talented psychologist, she quickly pulled out of me the essence of our yesterday’s altercation with her mother.

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My palms slid smoothly over his high back, timidly lowered and, slightly lingering on his belt, continued to move: one – even lower down the thigh, and the other – forward, towards the bulging cherished tubercle, which I had been rubbing with such pleasure all this time .
Having touched my penis with my hand, I involuntarily shuddered, oshutiv vague, but joyful excitement: Volodka had a “very good caliber” “combat weapon”! And so, supporting each other, we continued to stand – and swayed, barely restraining ourselves from overwhelming feelings.
Only uneven breathing and rapid movements of the hands and eyes betrayed the emotional tension, the passionate burning up.

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