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Still, her slit was rather narrow, although very moist, but I was in no hurry, I entered slowly, afraid to give her pain.
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There on the very shore, At the little water on the sand, A tiny little house stands, Looking into the water by the windows.
Thumbelina lives in it.
Anyone who does not pass by, strives to look into her; Ile for an ass to pinch, Or, which is even cleaner, For the glory of the bl: shche, What is ready to give to anyone, As a magnet pulls to the house And a snotty puppy, And a deaf old man.

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Swaying milkings significantly affected my center of gravity and I had to move carefully, avoiding sudden movements.
Getting to this is hard to get used to.
“But when she signed the contract herself, she probably didn’t expect to become an obedient litter for the schoolchild,” I thought before dancing to my slut as a model on the catwalk, not without gloating.

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