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Why am I kneeling naked and humiliated on the dirty floor of the porch, with the taste of urine in my mouth performing the perverted orders of a complete stranger? But despite this, I knew that my vagina was wet, and I knew that if the owner asked I would leave my husband and my whole life without hesitation at that second.
So I kissed His feet and asked for forgiveness.
Did you like to drink my urine? Yes, Master.

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Natalina Rugi reached out for his shirt, which was tucked in her chest, slowly, she began to take off this clothes from him, and he pressed her skinny body to his chest, covered with a strip of black hair, and pulled that unhappy T-shirt over her head.
My wife finally got off me, I moved away, and she knelt on the couch.
Lying on his chest, she began to unbutton his jeans.

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And at the same instant, Vlad twitched more than usual, I could not restrain myself and fell on the bed, and Vlad’s body collapsed on me, and he, ending up, snarled, bit his teeth into my shoulder.

The simultaneous feeling of supreme bliss and wild pain slashed through me, and my cry for a moment mingled with his groan.

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Wielding a rod, I do not pound with the force, but simply operate with the force of the blow.
Maybe Marina did not want to be her enemy, but she still earned 11 strokes with a ruler.
So, a little pause to express compassion and make her a small sentence.

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