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Therefore, he threw me to her house, and he said that he would be in an hour, and went to solve his affairs.
I went to the teacher, she was alone.
Hurry was not where.

First she fed me, and then we went to the bathroom together.
Often, after bathing together, we fucked right in the bathroom.
But not at this time.
The doorbell rang.
Viktorovna sighed heavily and said: I told you that they would come.
Do not be afraid.
It is not them.
Then who? See, this is a surprise.
I do not understand you.
Go open, and you will know everything.
Tatyana Viktorovna hesitantly went to open the door.
I’m with her.
The teacher opened the door and froze in place from fear.
On the threshold stood Crutch, whom she was terribly afraid.
Hi, whore.
Hello, – Tatyana Viktorovna mumbled loudly, – what do you want? Talk to you there.
Follow me, – Crutch took the teacher by the hand, and dragged her into the kitchen.
Passing by me added – and you wait in another room.
They went to the kitchen, the door closed.
I could not spy and overhear.
I literally stuck my ear to the door gap, but heard nothing.
Interesting, they probably had a conversation.
I understand that before talking, crutch decided to give it to her mouth.
I have no other explanation.
I went to the big room and turned on the TV.
But there, too, nothing interesting was found.
Then I decided to return to the kitchen door.
This time, it was heard as a crutch says something to Tatiana Viktorovna.
Two minutes later, I heard him call me.
After a short pause, I opened the door.
Tatyana Viktorovna sat in a robe on a chair at the table.

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The crutch was standing near the window.
When I entered, I saw that the teacher was all beaming.
Probably, Crutch managed to inform her about the freedom that she received due to my troubles.
In confirmation of my guesses, Crutch continued the instructive word: I repeat once again.
All that you owe us, now owes it to him alone, – A crutch jabbed a finger at me, – the rest of the boys will no longer fuck you.
Live quietly, work.
And be nice with Anton.
Otherwise I will change my mind, and everything will come back.
Do you understand? Yes, thank you, – the teacher replied, almost crying for joy, and falling on her knees, climbed to hug Crutch.
That do not thank me, you fool, and his.
If it were not for him, in a month she would have gone into slavery for the cordon.
He walked away from the teacher, and went to the exit.
I follow him, escort.
At the door we shook hands, and he left.
The job is done, and very pleased with myself, I returned to the kitchen.
Tatyana Viktorovna greeted me with warm arms, she hugged me, and warmly whispered thanks in my ear: Antoshenka, my dear, thank you so much.
I am so grateful to you.
So grateful! She deftly threw off her robe, and slowly began to kneel.
Something of such gratitude I expected from her.
I pulled off my pants with shorts, Tatiana Viktorovna took in my mouth my hard cock.
It was evident that she sincerely tried to bring me as much pleasure

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as possible.
Having done several traditional tricks, the teacher made a deep swallow.
She literally swallowed the entire member without a trace.
Her nose rested on my pubis, and my chin pressed my balls nicely.
During the time I was with her, this has not happened yet.
She did just a brilliant blow job.
She, then completely swallowed, then fully released member.
Each time, the head of the member rested against her throat.
I tried to restrain myself as much as possible in order to prolong the pleasure.
But no matter how hard he tried, the orgasm inexorably approached.
I put up with this fact, and was already preparing to finish in her mouth, as she released a member, and raising her grateful look at me asked: Antosh, fuck me please.
you sucked so well
From now on, I will always suck like that – she got up from her knees, kissed me on the lips, and took me by the hand, took me along, – come on, fuck me. Chaturbate sex cam. Free watch online sex films.

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