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I studied her whole body to the last hair – I knew exactly at what pace and how deeply you need to fuck her with a gag-phallus, I knew exactly how to lick her vagina, how she likes it when the tongue penetrates deep into her tightly compressed anus.
I saw her genitals even in a dream – in all details.
Once I even woke up from pain in my groin squeezed with plastic – I dreamed that she had her own, real member, which I greedily and with pleasure licked, swallowing hot sperm and plunging it deep into my slave throat.

Finally, one day she came to me, smiling.
She spoke kindly to me, calling me a cat and a bunny, and soon she lay down on my bed, undressed and nestled on me with her whole body.
That day I was chained only by the neck, and my arms and legs were free.
The excitement, held back for so much time inside, burst out, and I squeezed her in my arms.
We kissed and caressed like mad ones, and very soon I felt a familiar pain in the perineum – the plastic still kept my dick with an inexorable grip.
– Does it hurt? – She asked sympathetically, gently pulling his hand.
“Very,” I said, looking hopefully into her eyes.
“My poor thing,” she said, and kissed me again.
Finally, looking up from my lips, I continued, “Just today I wanted to take it off.”
You would know how I want you! But you messed up when asked to remove it ahead of time.

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I’m afraid I have to keep you in it for another month.
Having lost the gift of speech, I watched as she continued to caress me, rub on a plastic member with my hairy pubis.
For a moment I experienced a strong desire to seize her by the neck and strangle – but I knew that I could not free myself, and I would stay in this bed until I died of hunger.
I also crushed in my throat and pleading from there, begging to quickly remove this damn case – I remembered too well what I had finished the last time

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Another month of torture with abstinence was waiting for me – and it was as inevitable as her warm, soft body, pressed against me now and covering me with kisses.
Like her vagina, now approaching my mouth to seal it before receiving the next series of orgasms.
“Sorry I’m doing you so badly,” she said goodbye.
– But only you are to blame.
She repeated it throughout the month.
I did not argue with her.
Immersed in a dull wait, I obediently licked her, fucked her gag-phallus and waited for my punishment to end.
But for some reason this last month seemed to me especially unbearable – and I soon understood why.
She no longer raped me with a strap-on.
From a sexual partner, I finally turned into a doll with a tongue, and the awareness of this fact broke me completely.
I was even thinking of asking her to fuck me in the ass again, but I was afraid that this would be regarded as another attempt to increase the term of punishment.
When the excitement subsided, I, of course, was horrified by my own thoughts.
I am a normal heterosexual guy, I want anal sex? But then he comforted himself – they say, many normal men have strapon-sex with their wives, and nothing.
Moreover, in the end it was not so unpleasant.
Still, a habit is a great thing.
I got used to the strap-on in my own bottom, after which I got used to the fact that I like it. Sex and the city season 1 episode 2 watch online. Live show sex free.

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