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Not Brad Pitt, of course – he has a black brunette.
And not Keanu Reeves – his legs (unlike me) are smooth.
And not Johnny Depp – for this he is too serious, only makes fun of me, and then only because I am a rare fool (just do not tell anyone – this is a terrible secret, and no one knows anything about the size of my mental abilities).

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and then all day, obeying someone else’s will, spinning a squirrel in a wheel, answering any order “Yes!”, and at the same time all day, from lifting up to rebound, be at gunpoint of the sergeants with a glance, at any individual movement asking the sergeants for permission, – yesterday, he himself disposed of his time, and now this time – personal time – is a maximum of an hour, and even then the hour is for someone who has not received a single comment all day.
but even if for the whole day I have not received any comments, all that can be done in personal time is to sit in front of the TV in the leisure room; neither songs of favorite groups, nor the Internet.
there is nothing here; it’s categorically forbidden to sit down and, moreover, lays down on the beds throughout the day, and many more things are prohibited – you can’t do almost anything that he used to do at home without hesitation, you can or can’t do it, and now it’s all A new reality, to which one needs to get used – to live with – to Igor, unwittingly impersonal, during the first days of being in the army, suddenly it seems that nobody needs him, and this is a sudden feeling of endless loneliness in a world where everyone is exactly the same and he himself is impersonal e grains of sand, it seems to Igor so indisputable that he, looking with a unseeing glance at the wide open window, behind which the spring is raging, bites his lip even more, afraid to cry – leap up – really.

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Anastasia Viktorovna, come in, please – the door opened a little and a short man of about forty invited a woman.
Anastasia, without delay, entered the office and, closing the door behind her, settled herself in the guest chair opposite the writing desk.
Her seven-year-old son enthusiastically played with a coloring book on a sofa near the wall.

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The head and moans, which were muffled by the ball, only flew on my excitement.
Having played enough with the labia and clitoris, I enjoyed the sight of a crimson treasure excited to a state I had not seen.
I again with jealousy

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thought: is it also excited with him? It seems that I have already convinced myself that my Julia is being given to another man.

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Elena, watching her male enjoy, rejoicing at this, removed her feet from Oleg’s shoulders and, resting her slightly thin heels on his chest, pressed them against his nipples.
Light pain only aroused Oleg, and he, starting to frantically batter his girlfriend, approached an orgasm.
Elena was also on edge.

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