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Therefore, do not blame me for anything.
We are secret about everything.
Therefore, the fact that I allow you to fantasies with her participation will not affect her corruption.

Frequently asked about her intimate life.
I’ll tell you briefly.
She has already tried group sex, more than a blowjob loves to caress eggs and ass for men.
She was accustomed to this by some adult man still at school.
From anal sex, she does not finish, but she is often fucked in the ass.
This is understandable, everyone wants to use the ass dancer.
What annoys me in the letters that are sent.
I’m right in shock from the stupidity of those who write them.
Here’s an example: “Hi! Came out the pictures in the nude.
” “Hello! Tell me how you still fucked.
Only in detail.
” “Hello! Register on this site.
And upload your pictures there.
“And to that similar stupid letters.
Not a signature who is it.
Nothing at all.
Such I immediately mark in spam.
If you are deprived of the mind, then I will tell you.
First you give a woman, and then a woman will bestow on you.
This applies to everything.
What excites me.
Recently, I moved away from group sex.
Now I like more when a man or a guy is alone.
I like it a lot when I’m being told how I’m fucking during sex.
I understand that a little wrong, but I can’t do anything with myself, I’m crazy with excitement, when during sex a man humiliates me as an exemplary wife with various actions.
For example, they force me to call my husband during sex, so that I talk about all sorts of nonsense.
Or arrange a sexy marathon on the marital bed, and forbid me to change sheets.

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And at night I toss and turn, hug my husband, I can not sleep, remembering how I was fucked on these sheets.
Lover pulls me to bed.
I finish writing.
Sorry for the spelling check they do not give me.
Boys, boys, men.
If you have something to tell, there are fantasies that you want to discuss.
Or you just want to write to an adult woman what a fuck she is.
Then write.
Always yours.
On Monday evening, Sveta was waiting for me at home.
She was dressed and looked worried.
Light, we agreed.
Yes, but.
I just went to talk.
You were right the day before yesterday.
I overheard yesterday and today.
The girls talk only about you and your bath! Why have you never hovered me so? We only see each other on weekdays, and this is a long thing.
Requires preparation.
Yes I know.
Just sorry.
So here.
It seems to me that everything will turn out with us! Katka is delighted with what you did to her.
And Masha, it seems, caught fire.
She wants to try too.
I’m so glad! What? What I’m going to fuck your daughters? Imagine – yes.
They are no longer children.
And let it be better you, and not someone else.
And certainly not themselves.
I already understood it.
Have dinner? Not.
I do not want to eat.
And you have dinner.
I cooked everything.
Sit for the company? Of course.
As you say.
Listen, stop it “as you say!” Or do you like it ?, I asked just like that.
But Sveta suddenly changed her face and became

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very serious.
Seem to be.
You know.
I then offered to become your slave unconsciously, from despair.
And then.
I came home, began to analyze what I said and.
I realized that this is my vocation.
I always liked it when you used all sorts of rude words in conversation with me.
And here.
The more I imagined how you would treat me like a thing, the more it excited me.
I confess.
So much I have never masturbated.
I do it, and I scold myself out loud with the very last words.
And it inflames me even more.
And on Friday last went even further.
Smashed a cup in the kitchen.
And let’s scold yourself! And then suddenly decided to punish herself.
She got up to the kitchen table, pulled up a robe, let down her panties and began to slap herself.
And I imagine that you are punishing me.
Imagine, I finished then !!! Oh! Are you going to despise me now ?, she asked, and immediately she was frightened: no, despise! Nikka mikka bongacam jessie.

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