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And they say in the still waters of devils to be found.
In the bathhouse we steamed out, beat each other with brooms, then went into the rest room, laid a modest table with beer and fish.
Everything is as it should be.

Having fairly spent the old year, the company sold out on the premises of the bath.
Someone was splashing in the pool, someone was sitting at the table, but I and my girlfriend Oksana went to the steam room.

Where we sat in some sheets on my thighs, she also had a knotted chest and reached just above the knees.
Suddenly, Oksana asked to show her my dick, because she said she had never seen him in a calm position.
I want to say that I am very quickly excited by a single touch.
Pulling off the sheets from me, she immediately sucked the head of my penis and swallowed it to the very throat.
And in this position, froze.
My cock, straining deeper and deeper penetrated into her throat, increasing in volume.
After a while, Oksana began to choke and released a member from her mouth.
He stood in full beauty, with a large head.

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Oksana, sitting on the floor, began to lick my dick, starting from my anus and ending with the head, while she particularly stopped at the head, sucking and trying to swallow the whole member.
Then repeated for new.
My girl is inventive in terms of sex and constantly, that is experimenting.
I met her at that time for about 2 months and during that time, at her request, I broke her anus, which she liked very much, later she didn’t even ask to fuck her in the ass, but required this, in the blowjob technique she has no equal .
But back to the events of that evening.
Knowing that when they give me a blowjob, I really love the stimulation of my anal hole, Oksana first with her tongue and then with one finger and then with two fingers penetrated my anus.
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