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He scratched his muddle, replied: – No, but what, someone looked? At the same time, he looked at Svetochka and understood my concern.
– N-yes, we can be thrown out of the train for group sex.
I put on shorts and, having ordered Alyosha to close the doors behind me, moved into the car for reconnaissance.

When I left the compartment, I immediately knew who had just entered, it was a conductor in uniform, a young guy, about twenty, apparently a student.
Then there was a fashion to work in the summer in long-distance trains, and for some reason it was called the construction team.
He stood at his compartment and did not take his eyes off me.
Here pizdrodradalets, I thought, he does not have enough students.
But not every mother would let the female students go to the train and, apparently, there really were very few of them in this train.
I passed by him to the toilet and heard his phrase: – What are you doing there in the compartment? I almost was stunned when I entered.
The guy’s pants were filled with emotion, and I suggested: – If you want, you can do the same, a loving fellow traveler came across, three men almost died to death.
Toka, our beer is over, would bring a little.
The guy’s eyes glittered: – We will instantly figure it out, just close the latch, I will open it with my key.
And we broke up, he went to get beer, and I was back in my compartment.
When I arrived at the place, I told everything to Alexey, he approved my decision, apparently it would be the most correct thing, let alone drink beer for free.
The door soon opened and on the threshold a loving guide appeared with four bottles of beer in a bag.
He greeted Alexei and stared at Svetochka’s spread legs.
Yes, the spectacle was not weak, then anyone would not have stood.
Then he turned his eyes to the upper shelf, where Cyril lay and saw him, too, naked, with a hanging, but not a small member.

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The guy put the beer under the table and asked: – What if she does not give? – You just put her sleep in her mouth to start sleeping, she will do everything for you after that, Alexey answered.
The boy quickly began to expose, a member burst out

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of the panties out and swayed from side to side, the length was at least 20 centimeters.
He quickly approached the head of Svetochka and began to stroke her lips with an open prick.
Svetik automatically opened his mouth in a dream and tilted his head, the man stuck his penis between his lips and began to move it in depth.
Svetik opened her eyes, saw a stranger, and began the usual work with her lips and tongue, without expressing the slightest surprise.
All this order me excited and a member otkopyrivat shorts, Alexey also got up.
The conductor put his left hand Svetik on his pussy, parted wet lips and began to caress the clitoris.
Sveta responded with light, then the guy realizing that we can capture her main hole with Alyosha, quickly climbed up on her and drove his cock up to her balls with all his mouth, Svetik just gasped and started podmahivat.
I walked over to her head, ripped off my shorts and planted her lips.
To my surprise, the guy reached out to my cock and he and Sveta began licking it together, kissing each other through my dick.
The guy pulled away from my dick for a minute and said, taking Sveta by the hand: – Put your finger in my ass, I love it very much.
Behind Alexey’s voice came: “Why is that finger, something more substantial is possible.”
With these words, he tore off his shorts and his mighty body rocked near the conductor’s hairy ass.
The guide turned, saw this magnificence and continued to fuck Svetik and lick my dick.
Alexey understood his silence as a sign of agreement, took a jar of cream from a shelf and began to process the conductor’s ass.
Apparently there are really few women on the train, since they are half blue, I thought.
Alexey immediately stuck 2 fingers into the anus of the conductor and began to expand it, as he once expanded mine.
The man moaned from the buzz, continuing to work with his mouth and dick.
Meanwhile, Aleksey settled down somehow to his ass and began to enter with cautious pushes, plunging his cock in centimeter by centimeter into his hole.
The man was already frankly dragging, Alyosha’s member finally entered the whole.
Alexey worked with the conductor in antiphase when the man immersed his penis in Svetik’s insatiable hole, Alexei almost took out his asshole, and when the man took it out, Lech shoved his ass up to the very balls.
All this orgy was accompanied by moans of smacking and all sorts of indecent chomping sounds. Young gay sex webcam. Best teen webcam sex.

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