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There is nothing to raise such a panic! Next time you use more lubricants! ”Eugene nodded guiltily.
He stood in front of his mother naked and seemed to completely forget about it.
Aunt Lena looked at his not-yet-completely-fallen cock, which I soiled as she put it “with her damn juice”, followed by a sharp slap on the buttocks and an order to clean up after herself, in the sense of cleaning her mouth with her son.

Then she put a hygienic tampon between my buttocks and left me.
I stumbled over to Zhenya and took his housekeeping in my mouth.
The pain gradually receded, and the feeling of the unusual situation was stimulated by excitement: I suck the member of my idol, covered with blood and sperm from my ass, with which HE he tore me.
All the more excited, I earned my mouth more actively and no longer cleaned but rather polished the newly risen member.
I did not forget to stroke my penis, and at the moment when my lover pressed my head to his groin with force, I finished! From lack of air orgasm was only brighter! Before my eyes already colored circles went.
Zhenya also finished, right in my mouth.
I swallowed his cum! As it automatically, without even thinking! “Well, you really are a real fagot, you’ll even finish swallowing!” Zhenya said mildly with a light laugh.
Then a light slap on the ass let me out of his room.
More than a month has passed since then and has become accustomed to such treatment.
Over time, Eugene, under the guidance of his mother, comprehended on me the charms of various things in bed. Naked teen hidden camera. Billy campbell naked.

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