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I say that I am still small – young.
Well, yes, I still can not sell.
it is sold in our city to everyone, but here they cannot.

Yes, and it is impossible to take away, and the age is not the same – even so, at least that way.
Yes, definitely – the span of wine! I say the passage – the wine will not be! Not kin, but wine.
I say: there will be no guilt, but there will be a movie.
necessarily will! Rasik, look: there are still juices, tonics are different.
what do you take – instead of wine? – Well I do not know.
take what you want! – answered Rasim, and Dima, mentally seeing Rasim in front of him, from his voice realized that he, Rasim, was smiling now.
– Take what you will take.
– I drink mineral water.
Can you get a sprite? Or some juice.
what do you want? – Well, you can “sprite”.
if possible, Rasim replied, and Dimka caught in his voice.
in any case, Dima was heard – it seemed, it seemed – in the voice of Rasim something soft and warm, sympathetic, grateful, almost intimate.
and maybe it didn’t seem to Dima, didn’t it seem? Maybe he caught, heard what was really? “If you can.
“- Dimka thought, feeling-feeling like a wave of hot tenderness, again heaving, in an instant filled both the heart and the body.
– You can, Rasik, you can! It is perhaps not possible for them, but with us everything is possible! I am coming right now.
– Dimka said cheerfully, confidently, putting his meaning – secret – into his words.
– Dimka thought, completing the call – interrupting a telephone conversation with Rasim – today we will be in with.
all-all! Because, Rasik, I love you.
if you only knew how I love you! “And again – by themselves! – suddenly surfaced, words appeared in Dimka’s head, flashed.
the very words that he already remembered today: “the fifth season of the year” – but this time Dimka was not at all surprised by these words, because.

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“the fifth season is the time of my love.
“- Dimka thought, involuntarily adding three new words to the three previous words.
and again he was not at

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all surprised at all by catching the music he heard in the phrase of their six words, because love itself is his love! – was for him endless music.
“I love you, Rasik,” Dimka thought, “and this love.
this is the fifth season of the year – the time of all those who love like me.

Prologue School was new.
New school in the new district of the new city.
However, is it possible to consider a new city, which is already thirty years old? Compared with the thousand-year history of other cities, he was still a baby.
But for elegant first-graders, grandly going with their parents for the first lesson in life, the city was as old as the world.
The school was beautiful.
A large three-story light building with huge windows caused envy to those who will run into it every morning, and regret for those who will leave it after school, in the afternoon.
The school was modern.
Sponsors did not stint, the city hall did not spare the funds.
And the school was equipped with the latest requirements, with computers, with chemistry, physics, English and German classrooms, with two gyms, large and small.
They even wanted to build a pool, but something did not work out.
The builders did their best.
They passed the job right before the beginning of the school year, and in August.
And for half a month, the teachers, parents and the director personally eliminated minor, minor flaws that always remain for the newcomers.
They tinted, whitewashed, filed, twisted, screwed.
And on the First of September, tired but satisfied, they accepted the disciples.
After the long, boring speech of the director, after the solemn speeches of the guests and sponsors, the children went to classes, leaving their parents to worry in the street.
Classes flowed slowly, gradually turning into a normal routine.
A month has passed.
Pupils have not had time to make friends, just got acquainted.
Chapter 1 MONDAY 8-B frankly bored.
The mathematician was crucified at the blackboard, explaining the terribly boring theorem, paying little attention, listening to it or not.
The children went about their business.
Those who enthusiastically wrote off an essay must be passed through the lesson; someone flipped through the glossy pages of the catalog with clothes (this someone was probably a girl); on the back of the desk they whispered terribly vulgar jokes; Someone was looking at the clock and telepathing the cleaning lady to finally press the bell. English sex movies online free. Indian webcam chat sex.

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