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After a short sleep, I drove and continued on my way.
At the place of arrival of Martisha, Vitalik, persuaded the girl for a long time to give a lift home.
But she flatly refused and, giving him her phone, flew out of Pontiac.

The moment came when the courier arrived at the destination.
In Pontiac, she sat down briskly approached blond girl.
And she wondered if he brought a veil of Baba Vale.
To which Vitalik replied that now there is no harvest with the injuries and the earthworms can probably serve as an adequate substitute.
The blonde, smiling, asked me to show her the suitcase.
Vitaly, immediately, brought it from the trunk and inquired about the amount indicated.
“Wait a minute, I have to check,” the blondie said and dialed the combination of the digital lock she knew.
The case didn’t open.
The girl scored the combination again and again.

The result was the same.
Then, taking a hefty knife out of the bag, simply broke the locks.
The suitcase contained a mass of condoms and a note in which there was an incomprehensible phrase: “Fuck you! Who else? Come one by one! ”- What are you doing this, bitch, have you decided to play with us? Where is coke? – Inspired by the brutalized blondie and the handle of the knife firmly punched Acne in the jaw.

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Acne did not even think of losing consciousness, the lanky guy became very angry, and simply slammed her into his nose with his whole fist and, opening the door on her side, pushed his foot out onto the pavement.
Blondie, expressing amazement on a broken face, landed safely on a flower bed, for a moment, having revealed to the world her non-tediousness.
From standing behind, Merce, instantly jumped out a troika of young people, pumped up by the very nimagu.
Accompanying his invitations to go to the Merc, affectionate poking and cuffs, asked what the hell, he dared to hit a woman.
Having lost 6 teeth, Vitalik, of course, tried to clarify what, where, and how, but his speech was completely misunderstood by the ambiloids.
Therefore, concisely explaining with the words: “Duck, kazlin”, they took him to the unknown.
After a couple of hours, with a bag of black cloth on his head, the courier was brought to the hut to some gangster.
In the room seven by eight or eight by seven, the bandyugan demanded to remove the bag and untie the jerk’s hands.
“Why are you, Seva, raised a hand to a woman,” the fat man asked, dressed out of place in a cashmere dressing gown and brocade slippers on his bare foot, “how did Kolya think of this?” Hit the woman, Fedya! Coming close, the fat man, holding the fingers of Vitalik with his sardinel fingers, tried to pull him hard behind him.
Accompanying his exhortations with a loud slap in the face.
Vitaly, without hesitating slyly,

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kicked the fat man with his knee under the eggs and, slamming the offender with all the dope on the ears of the offender with both hands, set out to light up his nose.
But this was not the case, the unwinding guards, knocking out another 4 teeth, attached the fighter with scotch tape to the chair.
She led off a moaning and crying host for treatment.
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