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Natalka, fearfully listening to the voices from the next room, quickly unbuttoned her pants and swallowed a member that had not yet risen.
A second later, the member was in full combat readiness.
The neighbor wanted to lean on top, but Natalka, in a sober mind, pulled on a mini-bikini and a jumper, went to the door, listened.

The neighbor, without thinking twice, came up behind him and, lifting the mini, entered the already orderly wetted pussy.
Natalka just managed to grab onto the door jamb so as not to fly out of the room.
A minute later she finished, and a few seconds later he finished.
The neighbor returned and sat down at the table.
After a while, my wife came up and sat down next to her.
They drank, talked not remember what, the one who came out, whispered something to his friends – I really do not know what, but they smiled wickedly, casting a sidelong look at his wife.
I was pretty drunk to give it a touch.
Then one of them ducked under the table for a fallen fork or spoon and lingered.
Natalka pushed me with her hip and clung tightly to me.
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When he dived under the table, supposedly raising something, he stretched out his hand and ran it between her legs.
I involuntarily spread my legs, my heart began to pound, my fingers touched her clitoris.
I continue.
) I started to shake and feel dizzy, but they poured and poured everything.
I chopped off right in the chair.
wife’s story
) One of them came up to her, lifted her from a chair, and, running her hands under her skirt, pulled her up to her waist.

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She stood, not knowing what to do, trying to hide behind her hands and looking at me in complete confusion.
The one who managed to fuck her walked over to Natalka and put a hand on her shoulder, with a strong pressure.
She sat on the sofa and someone’s hands knocked her back.
(In her fantasies, She had long wanted to try with two men, but this seemed to her somehow not in front of her husband, although closed).
A penis flashed before her eyes, and someone’s hands pulled her to the edge of the sofa and she felt her legs spread and she entered.
At first, Natalka tried to hold her voice and not to scream, after all, her husband was nearby, but she did not last long enough.
His mouth filled his cock and moan mingled with a smacking.
– How did you manage to ubolt it? – Che was there to talk.
I saw her shaved pussy, I realized right away – love to fuck! And when I immediately took it in my mouth, I realized – OUR.
Natalka from these words started up even more, she wanted to be thought of as a whore and treated the same way.
Stopping sucking for a second, she pulled off her shirt and continued.
– Look, she liked it! There was a laugh.
Natalku unfolded and put cancer.
– Oops! What an ass! And his wife slapped on the ass.
– Oh, it hurts! The bruise will remain! – And you louder, I can hear yours.
And slapped again.
Natalka screamed.
– Get down, bitch.
– Well, come on already, dog.
How much can I gab.
Natalka herself was surprised by what she said.
In dispersed.
– Natural fuck.
And he began to peck her.
The second grabbed Natalka by the hair and threw her head back.
She wanted to rebel, but did not have time, her mouth filled member.
Natalka liked this mad jump, she sagged and swept as much as she could.
The one who fucked (I apologize for the rude tone, but it’s hard to call it another way), snarled at her from behind, and finished.
Only he fell off, as his place was taken by the third and with fresh forces began to grind her cunt.
Natalka tried to count how many times she had finished, but after this race she had no time for that.

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