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She rushed from side to side, moaning from pleasure, closing her eyes, completely, completely, surrendering to her man.
It seems like some barriers have collapsed in it.
Jungle drums sounded in their ears.

The clitoris pressed into his pubis, and the orgasm approached, gaining strength.
And when he reached the peak, a scream of unspeakable happiness escaped from her chest and her legs squeezed Mateson’s body with inhuman strength.
A moment later, he jumped out of Ruth and finished on her stomach.
And then he crouched beside her and began to wear a loincloth.
“You are a gentleman, though you’ve been proving the opposite all the time,” Ruth wiped her stomach on with her shirt.
She couldn’t bring herself to meet his gaze.
Her cheeks were burning.
Lord, what found her? She behaved like a lustful bitch.
And did not even think about protection.
Thank God that Mateson had the conscience to finish off to the side.
Mateson carnivorous smiled.
– I selected you among the rest.
You are different, special.
And I wanted to leave a good impression of myself.
Whatever you think, I have a code of honor, ”he backed away from the hut.
“Good night to you,” and disappeared into the dark.
Ruth lay down on a bed of dry leaves and moss.
If it were not for the pulsating “pussy” and the faint odors of sperm and male sweat, she could believe that she had all of this freaked out.
What is happening to me? She did not recognize herself.
She never gave up to anyone like that.
Moreover, her passion remained unfulfilled.
Carefully she put her hand between her legs.
The pussy is hot, the outer lips are swollen, the vagina is just waiting to be filled.

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She inserted a finger into it, surprised at the elasticity of the inner walls.
The second finger joined the second, Ruth began to rhythmically chase them back and forth.
Then she spread her hips even wider, arched her back.
This is incredible.
Why doesn’t she feel any guilt? Previously, it was the opposite.
Therefore, she masturbated extremely rarely.
With the index finger of her second hand, she began to slap her clit, feeling how it was growing in size under her touch.
And then two fingers began to rub it on both sides.
How she was good.
Ruth’s breathing increased.
Vivifying juice covered her fingers, she pulled them out to anoint the clitoris.
The tension was increasing.
She redoubled her efforts and soon finished, announcing the jungle with triumphant shouts.
Nude, fell asleep before the sweat dried on her body.
The jungle swam in the sunlight.
She took a deep breath.
The air smelled of vanilla, a gentle breeze caressed my skin.
She made sure that the process, which began at night, continues.
A tight knot was untied inside: the jungle presented its rights to it.
Deciding not to dress, she shoved things into her backpack.
She reached for a tube of sunscreen, but her hand froze halfway through.
Impulsively, without realizing what she

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was doing, Ruth scattered a thick layer of leaves under her feet, reached the wet ground.
Having collected full handfuls, she began to rub it into the skin, until the whole body was covered with a black layer.
The earth cooled the skin pleasantly.
When it dried out, it became a natural protection from both the sun and insect bites.
When Ruth remembered the night of the incident, her lips parted in a smile.
Energy overwhelmed her.
She knew that she had to find Mateson, and to prove to him, he underestimated modern women.
Yes, just how to do it? And then she noticed a broken branch.
And on soft ground – the imprint of Mateson’s bare foot.
Looking closely, she found new traces that he left when leaving the hut.
Confidence in her added, and she moved after him.
Stepping, now and then ran across the bushes and trees with fruits and berries.
Intuitively knew what edible, and what – no.
She plucked a dozen berries similar to cherry, filled their mouths. Sex office hidden camera. Indian online video sex.

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