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Both looked like they were 50 years old.
One was called Amir, and the other Alik.
Amir was a large man weighing a kilogram under 110 and 190 cm tall, and Alik was as tall as 175 cm.

and weighing 70 pounds.
Since it was hot and there was no one, I was sitting in shorts.
When they saw me, Amir said something to Alik in Azerbaijani, and he smiled something answered.
They warmly greeted me and said that if fate brought us together, then it should be noted.
Since they seemed to be good people, I did not refuse and agreed.
After they settled down and took a shower from the road (and by the way, they also remained in the same swimming trunks).
Amir took out a bottle of wine from a large suitcase (as it turned out there was more than one bottle) and a snack.
Putting it all on the coffee table.
They sat next to me on the sofa, on the right and left of me, and began to make toasts for an acquaintance.
That Amir, then Alik constantly poured wine into my glass and offered me a tomato, then a piece of sausage, they tried hard to please me. Fun sex games to play online. Bongcam live sex.

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