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First in the morning there is a conflict situation in the cafe, and then in the evening exactly the same.
Isn’t it strange? It is logical for the first two weeks to work with the first shift.
– Wait! And why change? Why not each individually? – How do you imagine that? They work quietly from day to day, and then there is a conflict and all employees have conflict situations.

So do you suggest? – Hen! – Cock head! – It is clear that you can check all the staff, just giving everyone their time, after 5, 7 or 9 days.
– Suppose! But there is no guarantee that he or she will serve you.
And if you demand that some Volny Valery Rakovich, who we need, serve you, it will not be a topic either.
– Why? – He does not know you, and you, it turns out, you know.
– Oh yes! Pancake! How hard to come up with a foundation on the go.
– Alright enough! Call Shurik, I mix.
I clicked on the red phone on my mobile phone and dialed my old fellow in the school.
– Mix, hello.
– Gifts.
– Want to earn some money? – Om-m, dumbfounded! And what should be done and what is the price of the issue? So we gathered the four of us and with mathematical precision we painted our first task, which should be without common excesses and intersections, and it was so well thought out that in the future it could simply be broadcast to all other objects of the common task.
What we just did not do during this month.
They spilled coffee and demanded to pour another without paying, paid to homeless people who came in and did not refuse to leave the institution, were in conflict with each other at the whole institution, came to sit all day playing cards, ordering nothing, and if ordered, then they said that there is not enough money, but we will not give a passport, and that they are not entitled to and stuff like that.

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Every week they gave a report on their activities to the customer.
When we presented the report for the first time, I was very nervous, because all the actions that we performed were performed “from the ceiling” an hour before the trip, and we could have questions why we did this or that action, but did not .
Finally, we completed the task and received the remaining nine hundred thousand.
They thanked us and said that we did an excellent job, although we smelt of amateurism a mile away and while we still didn’t understand what professional provocateurs were.
But we will sort out a hundred thousand, the rest will go to further advertising.
From this point on, you began to exist as provocateurs already seriously.
Chapter 2
To be honest, I thought that this cafe network would end, but I was wrong.
You can not even imagine how wrong I was.
The first action I paid for the dead souls for that VKontakte group, so that our group loomed first when searching for groups, but it was not necessary.
The first client was the most important, he brought us all the rest.
What kind of work we just didn’t undertake: we checked clubs, banks, bars, shops for the quality of service, but this is not so interesting compared to special tasks.
By special assignments, I mean checking the quality of the work of the security services.
It took one friend of mine who could very skillfully depict a suspicious person, something like Jean

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Reno from the movie Leon.
There were banks about which he could not even manage to walk thirty meters suspiciously with a tube, but there were security services that would not even have moved if he had gotten a real grenade launcher.
The work was above the roof, we could barely handle orders.
By the end of the first year of work, more than thirty people were already working for us and then, as the leader of our illegal organization, I decided that we needed to go to another level and create an “LLC”.
– LTD? And how will we be called? LLC “Professional provokers” – Can PPMSShM? – Professional provocateurs Masha, Sasha, Shurik, Mix? – Do not you like it? – I do not know.
– We definitely do not need a sonorous name.
So we created LLC “PMSM”.
We rented an office in the center and earned huge amounts of money by doing various sometimes incredible, but most often banal tasks of checking the level of service, and so on.
It was a wonderful life.
My dream has come true.
Chapter 3
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