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He was already shaking.
– Alright, on! No not like this! – He quickly began to take out the paper from the folders and tear them into small pieces.
– Now no one, never and nothing will prove.

Everything! – he sighed with relief and wiped his sweaty forehead.
– Scum! “I left his office, and an overwhelming sense of disgust made me shudder.”
It was really impossible to prove anything: there are no documents, and the injured children, out of a sense of shame, would have refused to say anything.
But I was glad that I managed to stop this abomination.
I was glad that there would no longer be boys who would get their first sexual experience so badly and perversely.
The next day I drove to

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Olka to school at about three o’clock in the afternoon and drove her home.
Entering the room, she immediately ordered me to “make a chair.”
I sat down by the chair and lay back, so that my head was lying face up on the chair.
Olka sat on top and turned on the TV.
She looked him, probably half an hour, and all this time I was under her.
Then she ordered me to make a toilet, and I lay down on the floor.
She sat on top and peed in my mouth.

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Then she shifted slightly back and sat on my chest.
She said that after school she always goes to the toilet on a large scale, so it’s time to start my workout.
She said that now I have to “swallow the breeze,” and explained what I should do.
After that, she sat on my ass booty.
As was ordered, I put my tongue to her hole and began to lick it in a circular motion.
A minute later I felt her little hole begins to relax under my tongue.
I tightened my lips around the ring of her anus and began to slightly push the tongue inward, without stopping the circular movements.
I felt her anus relaxed even more, and she farted in my mouth.
I inhaled her “breeze” and felt something like a slight intoxication.
I do not know what it was.
Maybe her “breeze” that I breathed in, maybe it was a purely psychological phenomenon, only I liked this feeling, I felt that I could do everything for her! Then Olka got up and went to the toilet, beckoning me to follow me.
She sat on the toilet, and I knelt in front of her.
She said: – You should get used to the smell of my poop.
After I finish you put your head in the toilet and smell them.
– Maybe I’ll wipe your ass tongue? – No, it’s too early! At first you will only be my urinal and you will “swallow the breeze.”
You wipe your ass later.
She stiffened and began to crap.
She laid my head on her lap, face down.
In this position, I could clearly smell her poop in the toilet, and I was excited that now I just smell it, and then she will do it in me.
Meanwhile, she finished and wiped her ass with a piece of paper, put on her panties.
Then she bent my head to the toilet so that my face was five centimeters from her poop.
– Breathe! – Olka ordered me. Watch transsexual cheerleaders 14 porn movie online. Sex vids watch online.

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