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Go get it and bring it to me.
Be quick about it, we have lots to do this evening.
” She looked at me with a blank stare like a cow looking at a passing train.
I don’t think she fully grasped what I was telling her to do.
“Go get the hairbrush now!” I repeated, more forcefully this time. Old man cums in girl.
My command shook her from her daze and she slowly went upstairs to follow my orders.
While she was gone, I went into the kitchen and got the black plastic spatula I use when I make pancakes.
It is made of reinforced nylon and it is nice and wide with holes in it for airflow. Bbw phone sex modesto.
Adriana returned a couple minutes later, still walking slow.
I don’t think she was so confident of her decision at this point.
She came into the living room where I was sitting in a chair I had brought in from the dining room and stood in front of me.
“Is this the hairbrush you meant?” she asked, quietly handing me the hairbrush.
“Yes, that’s the one. Cocolate whipped cream naked bodies.
I like the nice wide flat back on it.

it’s just the thing to use on a naughty slut’s tender ass, don’t you think?” I asked her.
please, Robert.
” she said, taking a step back.
“Now you knew this was coming. Live cams girls.
I can’t allow your actions today to go unpunished.
If I let you off this time, what would you try to get away with next time?” I asked.
“No, it is time you understand disobeying rules and laws has consequences. Strapon cams.
Now come here, young lady and let’s get going.
” Adriana stood where she was.
I don’t want a spanking” she said, “I’ll be good, I promise!” “I know you don’t want a spanking.
But you need one.
Now be a good girl and come here.
” She reluctantly went over to my right side, shuffling her feet, looking at the hairbrush and the spatula both laying on the table next to my chair. Nicol25 sexchater one on one.
I grabbed her upper arm and pulled her over my lap, pinning her legs with my right leg.
I wrapped my left arm around her, tucking my hand under her right hip, holding her firmly on my lap.
“You have needed a good spanking for a long time, now,” I told her, as I caressed the curve of her buttocks.
“Your mom hasn’t been able to do it, so I guess the job falls to me now.
” As I started to scold her, she interrupted me.
“If you’re going to give me a spanking no matter what I say, why do I have to listen you lecture me first?

Jordi nino brazzers. Robert, just get it over with, without giving me a lecture.
” “You really do need a good hard spanking,” I told her, continuing my caresses.
“You get ‘the talk’ so that you can think about how naughty you’ve been while you’re getting your bottom warmed.
” I continued to scold her. Diary mika milf.

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