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And under it? Under it, well, just the abyss of pleasure.
I barely restrain myself so as not to immediately break into this gates of heaven.
But first I want to torture a little, to irritate me even more, to inflame it.

Slowly, smoothly, like a favorite treat, I begin to lick shaved pubis.
I turn to the lips, the whole barely touching the clitoris, slightly sucking it.
It causes a storm of passion, a sea of ??fantasies and crazy cravings.
She presses my head harder and harder and already screams imploring to let her come.
But I want to make her orgasm brighter.
To make him stronger, sweeter and more lasting and never ceases to caress her excited bud of passion.
Gently moving my tongue away from the petals of the love flower that opens, I kiss her quivering rosy petals with kisses.

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Covering his eyes, moaning languidly, caresses his chest.
Squeezes nipples.
Seeing this, I begin to caress the clitoris.
Oh, what is happening with her! Klitorok swelling.
Sucking and biting his lips, while gently stroking his lips with his finger.
A change of strokes, nibbles, play with nipples gives her immense bliss and waves of voluptuousness cover us both.
Continuing to caress the clitoris with my tongue, I slowly insert my finger inside.
Sensing this, she freezes enjoying this moment, these pleasant sensations.
Following my fingers I insert into her crack and my tongue.
Like a serpent, he slides inside.
It seems to me that all this, she simultaneously does with me.
Finger persistently and demandingly caresses in the very depths of a wet cave.
The finger of the other hand penetrates the anus.

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From his invasion, she involuntarily begins to moan softly.
It slides smoothly and gently inside.
There is such a sensual place! Before me are her sexual lips.
And I sensually kiss them.
Aroused more and more, I hear how my gorgeous blonde moans invitingly, trembling excitedly, approaching orgasm.
I guess what she wants, what she is waiting for and I begin to vigorously pull at her clit, my language just drives her crazy.
Sometimes I bite the clitoris, pulling it a little with my lips, start to lick, smacking wetly sucking.
And now, having issued a long moan of pleasure, she is ready to finish.
(Porn tales) At this moment, I, strongly kissing, suck in her excitation fontanel more deeply, kissing myself passionately, kissing in a hickey and.
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